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Friday, February 6, 2009

I already have posted a new recipe for today and since I promised to myself that I'm only going to post once recipe per day, I'm just going to share some yummy chocolate treats for ya'll. I can't help but drool on these babies. Chocolate is love!

Chocolate Pots de Crème
This dairy-free, egg-free rendition of the French favorite is every bit as rich and impressive. Served in tiny ovenproof serving cups or ramekins, these chocolate pots are really special.

Chocolate Cherry Roulade
The combination of dark chocolate and cherries is simply irresistable. This cake is rolled with a dairy-free ganache and cherry filling, then dusted with your choice of powdered sugar or cocoa powder.

Chocolate Lave Cake
These indulgent vegan desserts are one-bowl creations that are neat to make and just a little messy to eat! While the outside sets like a cake, the middle remains as a custard, for an explosion of chocolatey flavor and satisfying textures.

Chocolate Caramel
These no-bake, no-heat delights require few ingredients and little preparation. Despite their rich flavor, they are actually quite healthy, too.

Chocolate Marble Soufflé Cakes
These delightful cakes are a compromise between an angel food cake and a chocolate soufflé. Both light and rich, these are impressive crowd pleasers.

Rich Chocolate IceCream
This rich, creamy ice "cream" is both elegant and fun. Make a batch for a summertime barbecue or serve it in glass dishes as a fantastic frozen finish to a fancy meal.

Chocolate Maple Creams
These chocolates are perfect or gifts or as a punctuation to a filling meal. With a maple-flavored cream filling these are sure to satisfy even the sweetest sweet tooth.

Healthy Chocolate Pudding
These puddings take only minutes to make and are significantly healthier than traditional puddings. Great for kids, afternoon snacks or as a quick, light treat to curb your chocolate craving, these little puddings are good and good for you!

Devil's Food Cake
Devilishly decadent, this cake is layered with a chocolate mousse filling and finished with rich, dairy-free ganache.


DCRose said...

O My. This is what I am talking about! Love that chocolate.

MarlyMS said...

Oh I love these!!!

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